Civil Engineering Estimate Software Features

Today's information savvy world civil engineers are searching for good estimates software related to the Roads,buildings and bridges but unlike other segment, softwares found in internet for this segment are low. Particularly in Indian context. We like to inform an Ideal Estimate software package was developed by Sigma_4 Software since 1994 to fulfil need for Civil Estimate. Orissa State Police Housing and welfare Corporation first used the package in 1994 and till today the package is in operation. Followed by Odisha State Police Housing & Welfare Corporation other big private builders in the state has been using the software. We are trying to update the Estimate package frequently for it's Client Server and Web Portal Version. We are also trying to exchange innovative idea from different the civil engineering forums and practising Engineers.

The estimating software package has been assisted by a team of professional Civil engineers (M. Tech.) with over 24 years of experience and software package has been in live operation for 20+ years:

  • Selection of Projects
  • Submission of proposals
  • Clearance of proposals
  • Tendering
  • Execution
  • Quality Monitoring of works.
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The Software functionality Customised to suit your requirements and vision
This is a Windows based ERP software for Tendering / Tender filling & preparation, Rate Analysis, Cost Estimation, Abstract Reports and Schedule of rates database management, Quantity calculation from measurement sheets, Cost & Sensitivity analysis, Graphical & Text Reports. Comparison of Estimates & Tenders , Billing. This is a cost estimating software program which can used for a variety of engineering disciplines.